Over my 15 years in the field, patients have told me that finding a practitioner can be a complicated and confusing task. 
My advice?....... Glad you asked…......
  1. Choose carefully, check your practitioner out!
  2. Toxins such as Botox® are prescription only drugs.
  3. If it seems too cheap there is normally good reason. 
  4. Choose someone with the appropriate skills, experience, recommendations, qualifications and insurance.
  5. Whoever writes your prescription should be doing your treatment.
  6. Why should you pay a different rate for a nurse to do procedure versus a doctor, good standards don’t follow job roles.
  7. Are the prices transparent?
  8. Avoid sales reps
  9. Is the same person treating you each time?
Why come to us....?
We've been doing this 15 years. Experience is invaluable. Any doctor or nurse can qualify to do procedures but what is their background?
My background is A&E and GP with lots of minor surgery, Patients say I’m gentle, not heavy handed and I believe I have developed excellent fine motor skills – making procedures less painful.
I’m governed by a professional body – the general medical council, there’s no one to complain to if you choose cheap and go with a beautician.
I don’t use anaesthetic creams for lip treatments. I’m qualified to administer dental blocks to make your treatment pain free. Patients are often surprised when they come to me after having previous treatments elsewhere.
If you have never had a treatment before i refuse to do a treatment the same day– i encourage you to go away and weigh up your options.
There’s no hard sell, your face is my reputation
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